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The Secrets of The Moonlit Observatory

The House's Truths


Public Areas


4 private medical rooms;1 surgical table.

Research room:

2310 registered tomes;1 working table, 2 working lounges.


Emeline's office space;
Catherina's office space;
Reading space.

Kitchen/Dining Room:

Sits 18; Oven, washing station, and food storage.

Training area:


Eating area:

Sits 3 at the bar, 5-15 in the Lounge. Full bar.

The Known Rooms

Booshie's Office (Room 1) - Here is when Booshie conducts the business of the FC.

Intelligence and Planning Room (Room 2) - Here is where mission planning takes place under Rosette's watchful eye. 

The Forge (Room 3) - Managed by Mafrea, the forge is opened to all for use. Please be sure to clean up after yourself. It is important that nothing be stored there without Mafrea's approval.

The Aquarium (Room 4) - A gracious donation put together by Kayne Blackfire. People are welcome to stop in and collect their thoughts.


Meditation Room (Room 6) - Here one may organize a group or single meditation in a serene environment, cut off from the sounds and movements of the house. 


The Baths (Room 8) - This split bath hosts sides for both with full showers, linens, and massive soaking tubs. 



The Observatory:  (Room 11) Up a winding flight of stairs, to the very highest point, you will find the Upper Observatory. A tower nestled above the Main Observatory in the entrance hall, this room is a more intimate research location for those looking to the stars. Take nothing out of the room, return anything back to its place if moved, and remember to water the plants. Oh, and be mindful of the sleeping quarters tucked into the back.

The Dreamweaver (Room 12) - Should you find yourself lucky enough to find this courtyard, there stands a small airship with cargo bays and seating for about fifteen or so brave souls. The pilot on the other hand has to be found on a regular occasion. 


Monster Hunters Inc (Room 14) - Here are the offices of Layla Locklear and Arik Qerel, those who specialize in monster hunts of the dangerous sort. 



Formal Meeting Room (Room 17) - Here is where meetings are held for all the Society. Please be on time!


Pet's Room (Room 19) - Aetherwatch has a menagerie of strange pets and collected species. Here they can run around without the worry of being lost in the wilds. 

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