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Welcome to Scheduling!!


We have a specific system of how events are labelled. This helps define which groups may attend, how many are allowed, or basic events to mark on the calendar for all to attend.


Below is the breakdown and an example of how we request events be submitted.


Mandatory Labels:

Every event should have a label corresponding to the type of event as well as permissions. Every RP event should also have a label for the expected action level of the event. 

Type of Event:

RP: Roleplay: This is RP
PVE: This event is based around content runs. (Maps, Trials, Doggo Farms)
DB: Discord Based. Things outside of the game that will be run in vc. (Karaoke, Watch parties, etc)


FC: Only IC members of the free company are allowed to sign up. (Retainer and up)
DO: Members of the Discord are allowed to sign up. (If you are in the discord, you may attend)
PB: This is a public server event. (Clinic)

Action Level (For RP events only):

Combat Heavy: This event is focused on combat with minimal downtime.
Combat Light: This event is balanced between combat and social/investigative rp.
No Combat: This event will have no combat and is purely social/investigative rp.


Themes are optional labels to denote any overarching themes for RP events. These do not need to be used, but we ask that you consider adding them to your event should it heavily focus on specific themes. You can choose as many of these labels as apply. Please note that these are not meant to bar anyone from events, they are just additional information to aid players in deciding which event they would like to attend. Everyone within the FC can go to any event but some events may be tailored to specific roles and you may find yourself with limited things to do should your character not fall within that role.


      Theme labels include:

Healing / Aetherical / Recon-Intel / Social / Casual / Survival / Tech / Epic

Submitting Events: Coding Process

Other Helpful Notes

If you wish specific people in or out of the FC at your event you must note it at the time of event creation. Make sure to include them when tallying your attendance total. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact Kayne/Saren/That One Lizard.

Sample Event Submission:

(DMd to Kayne/Saren/That One Lizard):
Date and Time: Dec 30, 2022 8:30 PM EST
Event Title: Hunt for Year’s End
Codes: RP/FC/Combat Light
Total Number of Slots: 7
Reserved Names: Eme and Booshie
Themes: Survival/Recon-Intel
Description: As the year comes to a close, a new foe makes themselves known. Join us as we track down what we can on Lemagob!.

Example of a Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Free Night

Tuesday: Free Night

Wednesday: Campaign Night

Thursday: Open RP Or Event Night

Friday: Social Night

Saturday: Ooc/Irl Night

Sunday: Open RP/Event Night

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