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FC Name: Aetherwatch Society

FC Tag: <AW-RP>

Leaders: Catherina Renard, Emeline Tousart

Officers: Arik Qerel, Gawain Fjrnson, Booshie Nakamura, Sarengerel Himaa, Rosette Valeria.

FC House Address: Lavender Beds W6, P58

Type: Medium RP, Dark Heroic, Magical Based, Medical Public Events, Community Inclusive

Age Requirement: 21+

Active Times: After 8PM EST Evenings for Major Events.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Combat: We are considered a medium to heavy combat FC with our own dedicated rulebook. We run our combats in turn order style, while other RP is open and storyteller style.





We are seeking those willing to work for and protect a local clinic and traveling aid group. Combat knowledge is necessary. We seek all walks of life. Experience required. 


In Character Background:

To the public, we are a group of Aetherical Redressers, offering a collection of healing, magical consultation, and similar assistant services. People are welcome at our door with medical, supernatural, and arcane problems. Our staff of qualified members will assist in removing any magical dangers, healing wounds, and diagnosing issues. 


The Society also finds itself in the field, answering calls for aid, tracking leads on dangerous items, and working to clean up issues left in the wake of horrible events. Aetherwatch is not a place for heroes but an organization for caretakers. Those that seek glory will find none here. 


Instead, those entering our ranks find themselves serving under leadership that seeks out individuals with talents to aid the cause. Either through magical aid, aetherical mastery, information gatherers, scouts, or physical protection. 

But there is something beneath the surface many do not see as secrets abound within Society's walls... 


Welcome! Behind the scenes, AW is a friendly group looking to enjoy the game and rich magical background of FFXIV. In character, we host a public face while a very private one remains hidden. We wanted to create an FC with a deep background and a greater responsibility to the world, all while helping a player explore their personal story as well. Inside AW you will find a tiered hierarchy, inclusive RP, and an organized leadership core. 



  • Our FC Policies can be found HERE

  • While we are looking for level 60 and above, we take every applicant on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that some events will take place in higher-level zoned areas, including ENDWALKER. We also use the current world lore that takes place through the recent expansion.

  • Mains are preferred. We want individuals who devote their time as their main and wish to invest in a collaborative RP FC. Alts will be considered if play times are applicable. 

  • This isn't an FC for wallflowers. We want people who love communities and want to interact and roleplay. If an applicant isn't willing to jump in and take the initiative then this won't work out.

  • We are a mostly lore-adherent FC, but we focus on a lot of magical-based encounters. There are some fantastical events and bending.

  • We are not accepting Reapers at this time.

  • AW consists of older players with professional careers. Most of our activity is in the evenings (EST). We seek like-minded older players here to play a fun game.


Our Recruiting Officer is Emeline Tousart (Discord Aster#0204)

All applicants are asked to submit an application to Emeline.

Please allow 48 hours for a response, especially if it is on a weekend.
OOC interview will be scheduled prior to an IC interview.

The average application time from the beginning (application received) to

the end (IC interview) is about 3-5 days depending on schedules. 


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