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By joining Aetherwatch Society you agree to follow the Square Enix/FFXIV Agreements and the policies listed below:

1) MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Real life comes first. No person should ever feel that the actions or events in the game come before things away from it. 

2) No Bigotry: Hatred will not be tolerated. Our community is comprised of many different people from many different backgrounds. We do not want any member to feel shunned or ostracized purely based on their race, religion, orientation or cultural background. 

3) No Drama: While drama in-character is fun, it is not OOC. There’s nothing that ruins the fun of the game more than drama and lack of communication. Going further by undermining a person, name-calling, or otherwise is construed as drama and won’t be tolerated. Don’t do it.

4) Attendance & (In)Activity
Attendance: We wish to make our intentions clear about attendance in AW. We seek individuals that participate regularly in RP/PVE/PVP. An FC is only as active as its members. We understand that real life happens, but we wish for applicants who have a love of the game, looking to participate in a deep story, and like the idea of personal character growth. All these require one to be active.  
Inactivity: If you as a player are inactive for more than 15 days you will be removed from the roster. If you return, and after speaking to the FC leads, you may be re-added.
Leave of Absence: If a member is aware they’ll be gone for an excessive amount of time (More than a week), they may speak to an officer and be placed on inactive status. LoA can be up to 60 days on inactive status, but leadership must be notified of your situation. We promise we don’t bite. Real Life first, just let us know!

5) Public RP: We ask members to always be aware that their public actions can and will reflect on the FC tag above their head. While we do not wish to dictate anyone’s roleplay, being a member of an FC means that you agree to take on representation of our mission and embodiment of our people. We ask that all members be aware when speaking OOC, participating in IC public acts, and communicating in PVE/PVP to be mindful of this. Your actions dictate how we are seen as a whole.  

6) Harassment: We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment of a member. If a member feels that they’re being harassed in any way, be it sexual, spamming, or excessive trolling we ask communication to be open to making the individual aware. At this time or if the acts persist after, we ask that you contact an officer. The issue will go into resolution. Harassment will result in mediation, demotion, and/or dismissal from the company if found to be extreme or unresolvable. 

7) The IC/OOC line: You are not your character. We are not our characters. By joining AW-RP you are expected to acknowledge the line between In Character and Out of Character. This is a game, there is IC drama and intrigue. But OOC we are all friends who laugh and encourage each other for stable roleplay behind the scenes. Members that are found to be unable to maintain these lines will be given warning. If, after warning, the behavior continues you will be removed from the FC. 

8) Alt Characters: While we prefer that a member’s main is their player character, we do accept alts. Each player who has been a member for more than 15 days, and has been through their IC initiation, may have one alt in the FC.
Please come to the FC lead or one of the Officers with any further inquiries. This does not include NPC's used for plotlines. 

9) The Unrealistic Clause
We define Unrealistic as the following:
A character whose implausible talents, abilities and/or relationships with major and/or minor lore figures within FF14 create a disparity between what a character may reasonably be capable of.
Aetherwatch Society does not condone unrealistic characters. If leadership feels that any aspect of your characters background or abilities is Unrealistic (either blatantly or slightly), we will ask you to modify the aspect or ability to within 'reasonable' ranges. If those modifications are not made, membership will not be extended regardless of how well your character would fit.

All policies pertain to In-Game and Discord.
Additional Discord Rules:
-There is no discussion of politics or topics related to hot-button events. We recognize that we all come from differing backgrounds and that no matter what, we’re here to play the game we love.
-An officer has the right to end any topic or ask a member to leave the discord Voice channel at any time. No questions asked.
-If you feel you’d get in trouble with your boss for looking at something (on purpose, or accidentally) then it is NSFW. -If you have even the slightest feeling something might be too risky to post, use the NSFW channel.
-If you feel a reply or topic starter might be too close to breaking the politics/harassment/bigotry rules, don’t post it. Or ask an officer first.


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