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Operation: A Man

for Rosette


We're looking for a wonderful man for our amazing friend.

Will it be you?

Ms. Rosette V.

Ul'dah Born

Age: 28   Height: 5'5"

Black Hair

Blue Eyes

Rosette is looking for: 

  • A Tall(ish) Male (Must be her height or taller)

  • Darker demeanor.

  • Honorable. 

  • Into combat and/or Magic. At least be able to spar. Careful she has a mean right and left hook. 

  • Intelligent enough to not get yourself killed. 

  • Knowledge of commerce a plus!

P.S. We will completely disavow you as a crazy person off the streets if you blow this cover. 


Are you looking for a long term RP partner? Do you like slow burns, romance, and hanging out with a nice person and her awesome friends? Our friend Rosette needs an RP partner and we (the awesome friends) are on a mission to find her one.


She is available several evenings a week and some weekends. She likes avid communication, co-writing storylines, and loves to talk about her cats.

We're looking to set up a series of blind dates with the hope of finding her amazing people to RP with!


Important things:

  • She is seeking another mature RPer in for the long* haul. No fly-by-nights, please.

  • Must RP a dedicated male character, no Lala's, please. 

  • No alts. We're looking for an established Main with their own backstory, life, FC, etcetc.

  • Ingame and Discord RP is a must.

  • East Coast RP Schedule

  • All prospects must have a clear defining of OOC/IC lines. This is purely an IC romance hunt.

  • We are on Mateus.

  • Please fill out the small application that is considered COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER to be judged by a panel of her awesome friends known as the TRIBUNAL.

Should we find that your info matches what we believe would be a suitable blind date and a possible candidate you will be contacted by a member of said TRIBUNAL.

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