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Welcome to Aetherwatch Society! 

On this page, you will find a guide to help you move through the workings of the Society. 

For a quick list to get you through the first few days, look to the list to the right. Take some time and settle in, get to know people and how we operate. 

Below you will find the details of the Society and its inner workings. 

Quick Reference Checklist

  • Read through the discord

  • Confirm your Linkshell (The Midnight Channel) is active.

  • Read the Rulebook

  • Fill out your availability survey in #fc-resources in Discord. 

  • Make a Character Sheet

  • Check the Schedule

  • Add yourself to the social media tabs if you have a Tumblr, twitter, or carrd so we can follow you!

  • Read the below Recruit list to start Roleplaying



Out of Character, the leaders, officers, and founders all play a part inside the Society.  Below are their tasks and departments:


Catherina Renard, Netherseer             Emeline Tousart, Skyseer

Midnighters (IC)                                       

FC Mgmt (Admin)                                

Rules Lead (Admin)                               

Plot Lead (OOC)                                    


Note that these officers serve as logistics while holding different positions within the Free Company. For a formal In character chain of command list please see below. 

Arik Qerel:




Booshie Nakamura:


OOC: DM, Human Resources Rep. 


((OOC)) Gawain Fijornson:

OOC: DM. logistics.

Rosette Valeria:

Watcher, Finance Officer.

OOC: DM, Human Resources Rep. Tumble Mgr. 


((OOC)) Sarengerel Himaa (aka Kayne Blackfire):

OOC:  DM, Scheduler, Logistics.

Founding Circle:

The original founding members still within the walls of Aetherwatch are: 

Arik Qerel, Aurora Tsuki (Deceased), Catherina Renard, Emeline Tousart, Jun Akagane, Mafrea Oro'ete, and Rosette Valeria.

Chain of Command: 

This chart shows the structure for mentor and reporting purposes. 


Catherina & Emeline > Rosette > Booshie > Gawain > Arik


Catherina > Arik > Booshie > Rosette > Gawain > Emeline

The Clinic:

Emeline > Jacqueline

The full explanation of all ranks and leaders for the FC can be found HERE


Welcome to the Moonlit Observatory & Clinic!

The house is set up in a simple layout. The overall rules upon entry are that the weapons of guests are to be left at the door. Guests are not allowed in the back rooms without permission. 


The main floor is our reception area and Medical Clinic. Reception is where most of the guests are entertained. The Medical Clinic has a waiting room, a full surgical area, treatment bays, and a consultation alcove. The clinic is open to all members and the dedicated staff may be contacted via linkshell if they are not present.

The top floor is the business operations of Aetherwatch. It is restricted to members, meetings, and approved guests. Here are the offices of the Seers, the mezzanine, and the extensive research library. 

The lower level is our sparring and training room. With member permission, guests are allowed in this area under supervision.  The sparring room rules are that non-lethal magic and combat may take place. But this space should be used for training primarily. 

Deeper inside, one will find a host of other wondrous and mysterious abodes. They are spacious and delightfully furnished, but the way there on repeat visits never quite remains the same. The halls of the Observatory seem to possess a tricky nature and enjoy misguiding those with no clear goal. However, should one simply have a destination, then one will always find their way.

While some rooms are for authorized personnel only, there are many rooms open to all members: 

  • Booshie's Office (Room 1) - Here is where Booshie conducts the business of the FC.

  • Intelligence and Planning Room (Room 2) - Here is where mission planning takes place under Rosette's watchful eye. 

  • The Forge (Room 3) - Managed by Mafrea, the forge is open to all for use. Please be sure to clean up after yourself. It is important that nothing be stored there without Mafrea's approval.

  • The Aquarium (Room 4) - A gracious donation put together by the now-deceased Kayne Blackfire. People are welcome to stop in and collect their thoughts.
    The Greenhouse (Room 7) - Those looking for rare or dangerous ingredients are welcome into Emeline's personal space. There is also an altar to the Elementals. 

  • The Baths (Room 8) - This split bath hosts two sides with full showers, linens, and massive soaking tubs. 

  • The Quiet Room (Room 9) - This is OFF LIMITS to recruits. 

  • Formal Meeting Room (Room 10) - Here is where meetings are held. Please be on time!

  • Private Library (Room 11) -  With tomes from floor to ceiling, a line of desks to work, the perfect atmosphere for research and learning. An unusually heavy influence of carbuncle decor.

  • The Dreamweaver (Room 12) - Should you find yourself lucky enough to find this courtyard, there stands a small airship with cargo bays and seating for about fifteen or so brave souls. The pilot on the other hand has to be found on regular occasions.  

  • AW Lounge (Room 15) - The Crimson Serpent is Aetherwatch's very own private lounge where you can put your feet up and enjoy a drink in this little piece of Limsa in the Shroud. Big Bogg, the mysterious Roe of few words always seems to know just exactly what you're looking for, and always is there to serve you with a smile, so make sure you leave a little tip.

  • The Kitchen (Room 19) - Open for all to use, Cookie the Namazu awaits to help anyone. Careful though, he has a short temper. 

  • Hall of Windows (Room 21) - Sometimes the House has things to show you.

  • Somewhere Hidden: Up a winding flight of stairs, to the very highest point, you will find the Upper Observatory. A tower nestled above the Main Observatory in the entrance hall, this room is a more intimate research location for those looking to the stars. Take nothing out of the room, return anything back to its place if moved, and remember to water the plants. Oh, and be mindful of the sleeping quarters tucked into the back. - No one has been able to find this door in some time. -

New members are welcome to add their own room, If you wish to make it public please feel free to contact Emeline to have your room added to this list. 


Knowing about and signing up for events is easy. Our events are published under #schedule in our discord. 

To sign up for events, simply go to the #schedule channel in the discord and click the green and white check box reaction. If you cannot attend after signing up, simply click it again.  Some events will have limited slots. Be sure to sign up early!

Most events are organized in this manner: 

  • Small events (very limited slots 4-8 people)

  • Regular events (8 slots)

  • Large Events (16-24 slots) This depends on if there are 2 or 3 DM's.

  • OPEN events. This is an open RP, no slots are required.  But sometimes a DM might ask for a headcount. 

For FC wide events, signs ups are the same, but there is not a maximum number of slots. We just ask for sign-ups to gauge interest and be able to assign the proper amount of DM's. 

For more information on how to sign up or create events, please click HERE


And so you enter into the roleplay of the Society. 

Below are the starting points of your roleplay as you move through your trial period. All members begin as a Recruit, no matter what their future path will be inside the Society. From there you will learn how we work, the missions we take on, and help in relieving the suffering of others. 

Once you prove yourself through deed and commitment, you will find yourself invited into the ranks of Midnighters, depending on the reasons you were hired.  Until then the member, unless told prior, is only aware of the existence of the Aid Group and Clinic. 


At the end of your trial period, you will be invited to a sit-down and serious conversation before being subjected to a multitude of trials to enter the formal ranks, gauge your skill, and prove your loyalty and secrecy to our cause. 

Midnighters & Clinic (IC)

FC Mgmt (Admin)                               Recruiting (Admin)

Plot Lead (OOC)  



When you join the Society you are expected to complete the following tasks during your 30-day trial period. 

~Get a full tour of the House! You will be assigned a guide. 

~Check in/Schedule time with the company leaders: 


Catherina Renard: Take time to meet the Magical leader of the Society and learn the Do’s and Don’t’s of magic. Catherina sees to the operations of the Society, so that is a good place to start. 


Emeline Tousart: The Medical & Magical Co-leader of AW, Emeline fields the aid requests that come in from the field. One should also check in for a medical evaluation at the Clinic (see below).


Arik Qerel: It is important to check in with the field commander. No matter where your path may take you. Learn about the threats we face and the tactics we use. Be ready for a spar.

Rosette Valeria: As the purveyor of trade, our financial officer, and master of connections, the recruit should sit with Rosette to get a full scope of the Society's climate, allies, and networking.

Booshie Nakamura: To learn about those who have an ear to the ground or learn about the personnel security provided by AW, Booshie's office is always open. Talk to the Miqo'te that wears many hats in this Society. 


~Attend at least two missions.

~Learn how the Clinic operates. This can be done by arranging a tour with a member of the medical staff.  Please contact Jacqueline Page for this tour. 

~Get to know the members!


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