Welcome to Aetherwatch Society! 

On this page, you will find a guide to help you move through the workings of the Society. 

For a quick list to get you through the first few days, look to the list to the right. Take some time and settle in, get to know people and how we operate. 

Below you will find the details fo the Society and the inner workings. 

Quick Reference Checklist

  • Read through the discord

  • Confirm your Linkshell

  • Read the Rulebook

  • Make a Character Sheet

  • Read through the Modus Operandi

  • Check the Schedule

  • Add yourself to the social media tabs if you have a Tumblr, twitter, or carrd do we can follow you!

  • Read The 'Becoming a Redresser list to start Roleplaying



Out of Character, the leaders and founders all play a part inside the Society. Below are their tasks and departments:

Catherina Renard, Netherseer              Emeline Tousart, Skyseer

Mage Hunts & Redressers (IC)               Clinic & Redressers (IC)

FC Mgmt (Admin)                                     FC Mgmt (Admin)

HR (Admin)                                                Recruiting (Admin)

Plot (OOC)                                                  Plot & Schedule Organizer (OOC)


Founding Circle:


Arik Qerel                                         Jun Akagane                                Mafrea Oro'ete

Monster Hunter (IC)                      Alchemist & Historian (IC)         Weapons Creation/Forgemaster (IC)

Applications (Admin)                    Master of Rites (IC)                     'Thaumaturge" (IC)

DM (OOC)                                       DM (OOC)                                     DM (OOC)


Rosette Valeria                             Saphyra Tsuki

Spymaster/Commerce (IC)        Beast Tribes Expert (IC)

Tumblr Mgmt (OOC)                    Observatory Caretaker (IC)

Applications (Admin)                   DM (OOC)                                     



Booshie Nakamura

Protection & Security (IC)

Officer (OOC)

Applications (Admin) 

Now that you have had a peek into the inner workings, here are some things to note about the FC and where/how we operate: 


Welcome to the Moonlit Observatory!

The house is set up in a simple layout. The main floor hosts a multifunctional purpose as reception, hosting, and, at times, a venue. The overall rules upon entry are that weapons of guests are to be left at the door. 


The main floor is our reception area and Medical Clinic. Reception is where most of the guests are entertained. The Medical Clinic has a waiting room, a full surgical area, treatment bays, and consultation alcove. The clinic is open to all members and the dedicated staff may be contacted via linkshell if they are not present.

The top floor is the business operations of Aetherwatch. It is restricted for members, meetings and approved guests. Here are the offices of the Seers, the mezzanine, kitchen, and the dining room. 

The bottom floor is our public research library and our sparring and training room. With member permission, guests are allowed in these areas under supervision. 

Deeper inside, one will find a host of other wondrous and mysterious abodes. They are spacious and delightfully furnished, but the way there on repeat visits never quite remains the same. The halls of the Observatory seem to possess a tricky nature and enjoy misguiding those with no clear goal. However, should one simply have a destination, then they will always find their way.

While some rooms are for authorized personnel only, there are many rooms open to all members: 

  • Booshie's Office (Room 1) - Here is when Booshie conducts the business of the FC.

  • Intelligence and Planning Room (Room 2) - Here is where mission planning takes place under Rosette's watchful eye. 

  • The Forge (Room 3) - Managed by Mafrea, the forge is opened to all for use. Please be sure to clean up after yourself. It is important that nothing be stored there without Mafrea's approval.

  • The Aquarium (Room 4) - A gracious donation put together by Kayne Blackfire. People are welcome to stop in and collect their thoughts.

  • Meditation Room (Room 6) - Here one may organize a group or single meditation in a serene environment, cut off from the sounds and movements of the house. 

  • The Baths (Room 8) - This split bath hosts sides for both with full showers, linens, and massive soaking tubs. 

  • The Observatory:  Up a winding flight of stairs, to the very highest point, you will find the Upper Observatory. A tower nestled above the Main Observatory in the entrance hall, this room is a more intimate research location for those looking to the stars. Take nothing out of the room, return anything back to its place if moved, and remember to water the plants. Oh, and be mindful of the sleeping quarters tucked into the back.

  • The Dreamweaver (Room 12) - Should you find yourself lucky enough to find this courtyard, there stands a small airship with cargo bays and seating for about fifteen or so brave souls. The pilot on the other hand has to be found on a regular occasion. 

  • Monster Hunters Inc (Room 14) - Here are the offices of Layla Locklear and Arik Qerel, those who specialize in monster hunts of the dangerous sort. 

  • Formal Meeting Room (Room 17) - Here is where meetings are held for Redressers. Please be on time!

  • Pet's Room (Room 19) - Aetherwatch has a menagerie of strange pets and collected species. Here they can run around without the worry of being lost in the wilds. 

New members are welcome to add their own room, If you wish to make it public please feel free to contact Emeline to have your room added to this list. 


Knowing about and signing up for events is easy. Our events are published under #schedule in our discord. 

To sign up for events, simply contact the event scheduler to reserve a spot. Some events will have limited slots. Be sure to sign up early!

Most events are organized in this manner: 

  • Small events (very limited slots 4-8 people)

  • Regular events (8 slots)

  • Large Events (16-24 slots) This depends on if there are 2 or 3 DM's.

  • OPEN events. This is just open RP, no slots are required. 

For FC wide events, signs ups are the same, but there is not a maximum number of slots. We just ask for sign-ups to gauge interest and be able to assign the proper amount of DM's. 


And so you enter into the roleplay of the Society. 

Below are the starting points of your roleplay as you move through the two sides of the Society. All members begin as a Redresser. This position is the front workings of the organization. From there you will learn how we work, the missions we take on, and help in relieving the suffering of others. 

Once you prove yourself through deed and commitment, you will find yourself invited into the second part of the Society: becoming a Midnighter. You will be given our MODUS OPERANDI and subjected to a multitude of trials to prove your loyalty and secrecy to our true cause. 

At all times we expect our members to be able to separate the Societal functions both in and out of game. 



When you join the Society you will be hired as an Initiate under the Redressers, unless stated otherwise by the lovely Miss Catherina.


What you should do when you begin your journey with us? In Character you should check in with the Leaders and Council: 


Catherina: Take time to meet the Magical leader of the Society and learn the Do’s and Don’t’s. Catherina sees to the operations of the Society, so that is a good place to start. 


Emeline: The Co-leader of AW, Emeline fields many of the Redresser requests that come in from the field. One should also check-in for a medical evaluation at the Clinic. Emeline is also the contact person for new members. 


Arik: If you are skilled in weapon styles and/or other martial styles, or are a hunter of beasts large and small please speak to Arik Qerel for entry conversation.


Jun: Take time visit our Potions Master in the lab. Jun is a skilled Alchemist, always in the process of creating a new concoction. He serves alongside Emeline in the clinic as a healer and medic as well. In his off time, he is also known to dabble in history. Ask about pottery!


Mafrea: Need a weapon made or maintained? Do you have any general magic questions? Speak with Mafrea and he can either assist or help you find more specialized information.

Rosette: As the purveyor of trade and contact information, a person should sit with Rosette if interested in expanding to our growing network of people, suppliers, and trade partners.

Saphyra: If you would like to get a tour of the Upper Observatory and how it works, please visit with its resident caretaker. 




So you have been plucked from the Redressers for your skill and loyalty. Your trials have begun. Now the layers of the Society have been peeled back and it is time to make contact once more. The Leaders and Council reveal their true nature.


Catherina: The Netherseer is the one who guides us through our clandestine and found hunts. She works to bring us information and manages logistics to allow the Midnighters to deploy. Her touch and magical arts are needed to protect those who join the ranks.


Emeline: A constant presence in the backdrop of the Midnighters, Emeline acts in an advisory role to help bolster morale and see to the emotional state of the Hunters. 

Arik: Once your weapons are managed, check-in with Arik for tutorials in combat against magic users. 

Jun: Our Master of Rites, responsible (along with both Seers) for overseeing and guiding prospective Initiates through their early days in the Society, and through the Trials required to become a Midnighter.


Mafrea: Our Master of Locks is our leading expert on the Occult and is knowledgeable in many forms of forbidden knowledge. To better fight the darkness one must know the darkness. See Mafrea to arm yourself, may it be by a weapon of his creation or something that has been placed in the Vault under his care.

Rosette: Our Master of Whispers, the spymaster is one to keep her ears to the ground, searching out all problems and research involving the people that come into contact with the Society, friend and enemy alike. 

Saphyra: When dealing with the tribes and supernatural, check-in with Saphyra in regards to the beast tribes and strangeness they encompass. 

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