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Welcome newcomer. Should you be reading this it means you have been trusted with the Society’s secrets. You are now past your trial period and you are ready for our secrets. Keep this close and remember that the lives of many rest in your hands.

Welcome one and all, to the Aetherwatch Society. Whether you enter our doors as a veteran or novice, we understand that it can be intimidating to cross the threshold from the average to the extraordinary. 

To the public, we are a group of Aetherical Redressers, offering a collection of healing, magical consultation and similar assistant services. People are welcome at our door with problems of the medical, supernatural and arcane variety, and it is our job, and pleasure, to help deliver them to a place of safety and relative comfort. Our staff of qualified members will assist in removing any magical dangers, healing wounds, and diagnosing issues. 

But in the shadows? We are Society that protects its secrets from the outside world. Healers and protectors work to not only fulfill their commitments, but also to protect the group within called the Midnighters. Like minded individuals that participate in The Great Game, to hunt dark mages and destroy those deemed a danger to the known world. It is a secretive world of mystical bounties and those of the Midnighters and Redressers seek to aid the cause and keep our hunters safe.


To further help diversify our members, and hold certain that our secrets are kept, we have installed titles of loyalty into the ranks of our Society.

Recruit: The members kept in the dark as to the Society's true nature. Perhaps you work for us as a mild-mannered employee, or perhaps you found your way here through our dark, but efficient reputation. Regardless, Recruits differ from a civilian to medic to soldier, as they possess the potential to become something greater. However, even the most talented specialist will start off as a Recruit, for the rank is placed as a matter of trust. Recruits must take the time to prove both their trustworthiness and their basic abilities. This may be done by serving the Society and making your loyalty and value known. If successful, they may soon find themselves extended a mysterious invitation. 

Redresser: Those that have completed a probation period and have not yet been called into the ranks of Initiates become Redressers. There are some Recruits that are hired on to fulfill Redresser rolls from the start, there are some Recruits that need more time before being called into their Trials. A Redresser answers the Philanthropic call of the Society, ready for Clinic, research, or the field.  Redressers are no less important to our cause than our valued Midnighters; if anything, Redressers act as the backbone to our Society. 

Initiate: The crucial period in which notable Recruits are invited to come and prove their desire and dedication to The Society; an initiation. Initiates are those Recruits who experience this in-between period and will remain this rank until their Trials are completed.

Midnighter: Our trusted members, and the passionate lifeblood of our secret Society. Becoming a Midnighter is no small feat; time, talent, and a gauntlet of trials are required before one eventually gains access to the wider library of knowledge we are able to provide. Midnighters are each equipped with a special Relic of their own to aid them in the seizure of dark artifacts and the hunt of evil mages. From this rank and above, members are additionally expected to network and perform research and maintenance to any unassigned relics or facilities of the Vault. 

Watcher: Among the Midnighters, there are those who strive to reach further into the void of knowledge and understanding than others. Through consistent passion, responsibility, and mental stability, the Watchers are a rank of the member within the Society with a higher degree of responsibility, the ability to become a Mentor towards new Midnighters, and a more perilous level of danger to their job. However, in exchange, nearly a full level of access is permitted to the Society's normally restricted knowledge pool. 

Founding Circle: When the Aetherwatch Society was first founded, it was eight members who stood to build it. These are the members of the Founding Circle; although they mostly possess the same responsibilities as a Watcher, they hold relative authority over the more dangerous facilities of the Society. That is, next to the Seers.

The Seers: Among the Founding Circle are the two most trusted, magically talented individuals among them. They are the leaders of the Aetherwacth Society; the Netherseer and the Skyseer. They hold absolute power within these walls, as well as the responsibility of making the decisions on what to do with the most controversial aspects of the Society.



Should the need arise the Operations Chain of Command is: 

Catherina Renard & Emeline Renard

Rosette Valeria, Head of Investigations & Information

Arik Qerel, Head of the Protection Team

Aurora Tsuki, Watcher

Ranking Steward/Witness

Jun Akagane, Master of Rites

Ranking Midnighter

Ranking Redresser



The journey from Initiate to Midnighter will have started without most people's knowledge. Simply working within the company walls, learning of our ways, and coming to enjoy one's time here are a delicate, important part of the process. One cannot be forced to join a Society they fear, after all. However, after that short period of probation, when the sun begins to set, and their mind begins to stir with terrifying thoughts of the unknown... the Initiate will receive their Summons.


They will be brought somewhere secure; somewhere private. Should the Initiate accept, and endure this first trial... they will proceed to their training. Being assigned Mentor, the Initiate will have someone to help them through this difficult time of transition, to help in easing their body and soul into a realm not suited for most. A second trial will be conducted during this time... and should the Initiate make it past all of that? Their third, and final trial, meant to provide a Proof of their magical knowledge and prowess, will commence. Only after this is all complete will the Initiate be assigned the prestigious role of Midnighter.


The Aetherwatch Society appoints the rank of Watcher carefully, as these members possess enough power to potentially unbalance the careful core of what makes our operation safe. However, the safety lies in a Watcher's closeness to the leads. Those who show dedication, talent, and trust above and beyond our average member may be appointed the role. In this case, Watchers will also be given a more specific job amongst the Society's members, as decided on a case by case basis. 


When Initiates begin their process of induction, they are assigned a Mentor to keep them company throughout the process. This Mentor is always of rank Watcher or above, and will be acting as both a trainer and a companion to the Initiate, until their Trials are completed. Mentors are chosen on a case-by-case basis and must give their approval before being given these responsibilities. A Mentor may be as hands-on or hands-off as they desire, so long as they complete their one, specific task: prepare and conduct the Initiate's testing and trials.


Our Aetherwatch Society is housed within the misty depths of the Shroud. We have taken up home in a building now deemed the Moonlit Observatory, and we run an array of facilities designed to help further us towards our goal.


The Moonlit Observatory: Our headquarters and most secure location, situated within the depths of the Shroud. Not too hidden, but well guarded and friendly to the outside viewer, this is where we conduct the majority of our business. It is equipped with all necessary facilities, most notably the Observatory after which it is named. This facility is warded with magics and protected by a diverse and effective protection team. 


The Aetherwatch Society Medical Clinic: This facility resides inside the Moonlit Observatory building. The clinic is open to all, no questions asked, and serves as a philanthropic organization. A great deal of Redresser work is done here. 


The Vault: this is the most secure location in the building. A multi-level series of metaphysical chambers, constructed and dedicated to containing and hiding every dangerous tool in our possession. Simply accessing it requires a member to gain permission from the vault's Overseer, Mafrea Oro'ete. One's rank in the Society will, subsequently, determine how far down in levels they may go. The levels proceed from level 10 to level 0, ordering from "least to the most need for heavy containment", respectively. To physically access the vault, one requires a special key given only to members of the Society, ranked Midnighter or above.


Vault Access: 

Recruit: Has no knowledge or access to the vault.

Initiate: Has no access to the vault. 

Midnighter: Blue Clearance - Floors 10-5

Watcher: Red Clearance - Floors 10-3

Circle: Purple Clearance - Floors 10-1

Seers: Unrestricted access - Floors 10-0


The Aetherwatch Society is far too big to be covered in a series of short paragraphs. Here, you will find links to more comprehensive references as to our facilities, currently held relics, code of conduct, and our most updated, general status.


Rules: Our Rulebook, the Midnighter's Manual, can be viewed and downloaded using a direct link from #rulebook_and_updates . It contains all mechanical rules for our system, as well as our current code of conduct.


What's in the Vault: Relics are the magical items and creatures which our Society seeks to study and protect from the outside world. Our Vault Catalogue is updated live via Google Docs, and can be found in our #rp_resources section, via a pinned message!


General Status: The general status of the Aetherwatch Society will be available soon! It will inform members as to the most recent events in the overall state of the Society. You can find the most recent release of this document in our #rp_resources

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