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Human Resources


Booshie Nakamura

Rosette Valeria

HR Regulations for Aetherwatch Society
  • Sexual Harassment/OOC Threats with documentation = Instant removal


  • Harassment: Clear repetitive attempts at making someone uncomfortable

    • Each situation will be reviewed as a case-by-case basis.

    • Three Strike Evaluation:

      1. Warning (1st interaction/intervention)

      2. Mediation (2nd interaction, sit down discussion with both parties)

      3. Removal (Letter of Dismissal for the Aggressor)


  • We encourage screencaps, copy/paste of time-stamped conversations both in-game and out of game. Evidence is needed in order to act, sometimes. Depending on the severity of the harassment (ie: sexual harassment, racism, OOC Threats, bigotry, etc) will be reviewed at time of submission and the Three Strike Evaluation can be elevated to instant dismissal at the discretion of Officers and Leadership.


  • Member Expectations

    • If a member is bothered by something, they should reach out to that person and have a conversation about the issue (ie: offensive joke, language, comment). Nine times out of Ten, people don’t realize they’ve offended someone or made a hurtful comment. It is expected of members to be adults and address their issues with other members - either through a DM or in a separate Voice Call. NO CALL OUTS should be made in the General Voice Channel in front of other members. A simple request to jump down a channel in a direct message will suffice, or ask someone to jump down a channel in voice when appropriate. If a Call Out happens in the General Voice Channel, a warning will be issued and a Three Strike Evaluation will be initiated. If it is political/inflammatory/confrontational speech in voice chat, Officers will intervene should they be present. 


  • If attempting to resolve the problem initially doesn’t seem to go over well or if it happens again, please contact Booshie and Rosette to set up and mediation Voice Call. Both HR Officers will always be involved with Voice Call Mediation. Text is often misinterpreted, inflection and tone is often applied incorrectly. Should Mediation be needed, a voice call will be required to resolve an issue. Members don’t have to speak in the voice call.


  • Every warning, mediation, and/or complaint received will be documented by the HR Officers. These will be kept and reviewed periodically as situations arise, previous indiscretions will be taken into account. Repetitive offenses may result in disciplinary measures up to and including FC Dismissal.


  • Policies for Submitting Complaints

    • Anonymous submissions will not be accepted unless involving sexual harassment/OOC Threats with clear evidence (ie: screencaps). For all other issues, if we are to accurately resolve a situation to the fullest capabilities and ensure that members continue to co-exist in such a small community, both parties need to know and be actively involved in remediation. Retaliation from either party will NOT be tolerated.


  • Booshie and Rosette work as a Team when handling complaints, this means both of them are involved. In regards to the FC Policy of “Real Life Comes First”, we ask for 1 or 2 days to be able to review and respond. Likely, we won’t need that much time - but Real Life schedules can be demanding and this is not our IRL job. We ask that you remove yourself from the situation, have no contact with the person you are having issues with, and continue to document any negative interaction from them. Do not instigate, do not respond, and - if needed - don’t log in to the game or voice (should this step be needed, please inform Rosette, Booshie, and a member of Leadership). 


  • If a conflict should arise with either one of the HR Officers, the other HR Officer and a member of Leadership will help mediate the issue in case there is a conflict of interest.


  • Elevated Action: If you need immediate intervention, please contact the first available member of Leadership you can find. An Elevated Action includes the following: 

    1. A situation where you feel you need IRL Law Enforcement intervention (ie: stalking, OOC threats, etc).

    2. Someone has told you that they are planning to take their own life.

    3. You are thinking or planning self-harm.

  • We are not licensed therapists or counselors. We expect you to handle your problems like adults, regardless of diagnosed issues. We may offer to listen, but we can only do so much. We may even suggest you seek the help of a professional outside of game - whether you do so or not, that’s up to you. If you continue to cause disruption, mental health diagnosis or not, it will be documented. You, and only you, are responsible for your OWN actions and will be held accountable for them. 

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