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House Staff Members

Personnel works in and around the house to maintain it's tidiness, efficiency, and organization. You might see some around, while others are crossed on scarcer occasions.

Cook: Cookie Slipperpath, Namazu, for those familiar with the old Boondoggle joint, it appears to look a little like that crazy namazu chef. An amazing cook, crazy thoughts, knows how to stay quiet. Paid Well. Cooks a mean boiled egg, will make a club sandwich at night for a good tip.

Repair Node: Managed by house staff, this little guy is good as mending anything broken.

Butler: Ned Carthy, a gridanian local who has a long ten year of serving houses in the Beds. He is polite and manages the lobby. 

Melder: Corin Cormic is now overseeing the library collection, cataloging, and cleaning of the library.

Monger: Joseph Gladetide is now managing the delivery desk for all mail and retainer drops offs.

Chimney Sweep: Tom the Tall is keeping the chimneys clean, but also provides a healthy stack of firewood. Hates being wrong, will gamble till he's broke. Speaks ill of his in-laws.

Maintenance: Maintenance Bertha is her actual name. She keeps the furniture, doors, and windows intact. Loves Blitzball and assumes everyone does too. Cannot work and talk. Talks alot.

Medical Tool Maintenance: Petra Von Sburg sterilizes the clinic's tools and cleans the surgical table and floors. She also changes the clinic's flowers and bedsheets. She memorized every song by the  Songbirds, is kind of shy.

Housekeeping: Geralda Tompson keeps the rooms clean and will offer other services like bedding if needed. She's the grand-mother everyone wishes they had. Cooks everything with "just a touch of brandy". Spends all her money at the one gil store. 

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