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Application Template

The first part of the application is considered 'In-Game', meaning all information gathered will be known by the leadership of Aetherwatch Society. The second part of the application is Out-of-Character. 

PART ONE (This Portion is In-Game, Fill it out as your character would.)


Country of Origin:

Please include previous employment and profession(s):

Brief background and skills: 

What are your motivations to join the Aetherwatch Society?
How well do you work with teammates?
What role do you see yourself in? (Protection, Healing, Aetherical Casting, Information Gathering)

Race & Age:

Preferred Pronoun (He/She/They):

Are you under the influence of void or dark magics?
Are you seeking aid with a medical or magical issue?


Are there any other notes you wish to add?

PART TWO (This portion is out of character)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and gaming background:

Have you ever been in a Medium RP FC before?

Do you have experience in writing and running plotlines?

Will this character be your Main or a Secondary Character?

Are you applying with a current condition/issue/plot that would place you as a patient or require FC leadership to intervene?
If yes, please explain in OOC detail your current plot:

On a scale of 1 thru 10, 10 being the Warrior of Light, 5 being a trained combatant and 1 being an average citizen, where does your character fall?

Have you read through our Policies and agree to abide by them? (Y/N)

What are your OOC preferred pronouns? (He/She/They):

How do we contact you? (Game, Discord Info)

Submit your application to Emeline via Discord at Aster#0204


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