Welcome, one and all, to the Aetherwatch Society. 

To the public, we are a group of Aetherical Redressers, offering a collection of magical consultation and assistance services. People are welcome at our door with problems of the medical, supernatural and arcane variety, and it is our job to help deliver them to a place of safety and relative comfort. Our staff of qualified mages and protection will assist in removing any dangers, while our talented medics will be there to heal wounds, and diagnose curses of the more physical variety. Occasionally we even open ourselves to some forms of magically enhanced entertainment.

But in the dark? We are a group of magically inclined individuals, tended towards the deepest layers of secrecy. The creepy creatures and rare Relics we come across on our missions aren't always obliterated... we capture them. Study them. Make them our own, and ensure that no evil mind can come to use them ever again. If this means containment, we shall store them in our Arcane Reliquary. If it means obliteration... then more specific means must be researched. Regardless, we keep the underside of our Society in the dark. It takes a special kind of talent to maintain such an operation, and a mind not sensitive to the horrors and vile things that pour shadow from the corners of the world. If you have such a mind... then read on and learn of the ways in which the Aetherwatch Society recruits its loyal Midnighters.


The Society is run by Catherina Renard and Emeline Tousart, both incredible mages in their respective fields. They have worked to create a Society that not only helps the common person against dark practitioners but also to resolve the items and aftermath they leave behind. 

To pull the curtain back, one will find a carefully crafted group where secrets are kept and where loyalty and trust are rewarded. Perhaps you work for us as a mild-mannered employee, or perhaps you found your way here through our dark, but efficient reputation. The Society begins all members at the equal title of Initiate. Even the most talented arcane specialist will start off at this position, for the rank is placed as a matter of trust. Those new and unknown must take the time to prove themselves, and their basic capabilities. 

From there the Society opens up to a group as specialized individuals with strange and beautiful talents. This comes with titles and deeper knowledge gained in order to face more dangerous enemies and magick. 


The Legacy

House Ornitier, an order of magic users destined to fight a dark war against blasphemous mages, was founded during the Sixth Umbral Era, around nine hundred years ago. Based on the principle one master, one apprentice, House Ornitier recollected the scripts of the Third Umbral Era’s witch hunts to continue the battle against dark mages and otherworldly forces. For generations, radically destructive black magick was passed down and used as the weapon of choice, primarily the element of fire, called hellsfire, to cleanse evil and as a representation of the witch hunts. During the Seventh Umbral Era, the lineage was severed when the black mage Kino Kiari succumbed to a doom spell, leaving an apprentice as the lone survivor. (This ends 3 years ago)


The Aetherwatch Society has been founded by the eight members who stepped out of their everyday lives to build it. These are the members of the Founding Circle, and they hold relative authority over the more dangerous facilities of the Society. That is, next to the Seers.

The Seers: Among the Founding Circle are the two most trusted, magically talented individuals among them. They are the leaders of the Aetherwacth Society; the Netherseer and the Skyseer. They hold absolute power within these walls, as well as the responsibility of making the decisions on what to do with the most controversial aspects of the Society.

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